Share in real-time learning of an urban educational leader.
Join the effort to take ownership of all kids, even “those kids.”
Dare to laugh at ourselves along the way.



Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Bill Bradley

The most effective way to forge a winning team is to call on the players’ need to connect with something larger than themselves.

Phil Jackson

We should not be able to predict student learning outcomes based on factors like income and race.

Dr. Anthony Muhammad

About Justin



Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

Aspiring leader in urban education (public), Justin Phillips believes deeply that all kids are “ours.” In the roles of instructional coach, teacher (high school and middle), adjunct professor (community college), and athletic coach, Justin has demonstrated passion, persistence, and (often) effectiveness in reaching a spectrum of learners. Justin believes students will soar, when they are optimally challenged, connected to caring adults, and pushed to take learning outside the classroom walls. From his days working in the non-profit sector, Justin is convinced that partnerships with existing community resources hold vast promise for the acceleration of learning in public schools.


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