One thought on “Achieving Equity is the Challenge of Our Time

  1. When I began my first full time teaching assignment 2 years ago at an Elementary school, everything felt so overwhelmed. It was difficult taking over a classroom in mid school-year. One thing that I noticed when I first arrived in the class was a poster on the wall, “Fair Isn’t everybody getting the same thing, Fair is everybody getting what they need to be successful.” I didn’t completely understand what that poster meant with my lack of experience in education. I thought that if everyone got the same thing, shouldn’t everyone be happy? Over the years, I have come to realized that everyone needs something different. They also need various of support to achieve success. And success is measured differently by each person. A poor family’s success is being able to have a place to live and food to eat. They might not value education as much as another family because to them meeting ends meet is difficult. I believe to practically and successfully educate children, we also need to connect with families. We have to find a way to give them the support they need to help their child succeed in school. There must be a way where we can influence families to value education and make education a priority in their child’s future. Then we can completely develop the whole child with full support at home and at school. This is our challenge.

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