Share in real-time learning of an urban educational leader.
Join the effort to take ownership of all kids, even “those kids.”
Dare to laugh at ourselves along the way.



Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Bill Bradley

The most effective way to forge a winning team is to call on the players’ need to connect with something larger than themselves.

Phil Jackson

We should not be able to predict student learning outcomes based on factors like income and race.

Dr. Anthony Muhammad

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Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips believes that all kids are “ours.” In order to deliver on the promise of public education, for each and every child, a posture of ownership is a must.  Justin currently serves as an elementary principal in a large urban school district. Additional leadership roles have included instructional coach, lead teacher, adjunct professor, non-profit program director, and college basketball coach. A practitioner committed to continual reflection, he uses writing to process challenging dynamics at play in public education. He pushes toward promising approaches that benefit the most vulnerable students. If you are an educational leader (aspiring, current, or retired), Justin welcomes you to join him on this journey.